Website showing entirely differently on mobile v desktop

Hi all, I’ve not used Rapidweaver properly for a number of years. I have to edit a client’s website but I notice now that the normal website which I can see on my desktop computer, looks entirely different when I look on mobile. The OLD old site is showing up on the mobile and shouldn’t be showing anymore.

Any advice on how I get the mobile site to show the same as the desktop version? I’m VERY out of touch with Rapidweaver.

I’m using Mac OS 12.7.1 and Rapidweaver Classic 9.2.1.
I’ve tried emptying the cache on my mobile Safari app.
I’ve tried opening the page in a private window on my mobile Safari app.

Hi @Gabrielle,

When I look at the site using my Mac and my iPhone, I see nothing out of the ordinary.

Yes - the phone version looks different, but that’s because you use a theme that is responsive (which means that it adapts the layout of your site to the width of the available screen).

In your site’s case, the menu gets packed under a so-called hamburger menu (a button with three horizontal lines that drops down the content of your menu when you touch it). Also, all images in grids and columns that are displayed side-by-side on the wider screens, get stacked on top of each other on smaller screens.

This is usually just how people want it - phones are used in a portrait position, so not only does the content need to fit, it also needs to be quickly accessible using just a thumb.

If you really want to display the exact same page on all devices, it’s theoretically doable, but requires some effort and a custom theme that ignores screen widths. The question should be, though, if you really should step away from responsive design.

On an unrelated note, the site is horribly slow to load. My unrequested advise on that is that you should look into that :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much for taking a look. Yes I understand about responsivity :-). However, when I’m looking at it on my phone, it’s an ENTIRELY different site altogether, it’s the old non responsive design from about 10 years ago. Different text, images layout the lot. (I’m attaching a jpg to show what I mean).

So this means that maybe it’s a malfunction on my mobile which means it can’t pick up the current site? That’s so odd isn’t it. I’m using an iphone 8 and a safari private browser page.

Yes I’m aware of the speed :(. Too many large images.

Hi @Gabrielle,

That’s not the site I see. This is the site I see on my iPhone:

Perhaps empty the browser cache on your phone?


Hey @Gabrielle,

Do you by any chance have a PWA installed on your phone for this site?


RE: Emptying browser cache, Yup did that already, and also tried in private browsing.

PWA? I have no idea, sorry!

Yup thats the right site thank you. I still haven’t got the hang of padding and margins clearly tho lol. :slight_smile:

A PWA, or Progressive Web App, is a way to display a website as an app on smartphones. Basically it hides the browser elements like the address bar, and displays the site full screen like an app. The site also gets an icon on the smartphone’s home screen, to make it look just like an app.

I thought you might have set one up, as your server lists a site.webmanifest file ( - something usually only seen when a PWA has been set up.

anyway… back to the problem. Your phone shows a completely different website than my phone does, when visiting the same URL. That’s odd.

If the browser cache isn’t the problem, it could be the routing. Have you tried it with a different phone, or when your phone is connected to a different network?

In theory this could be done in a router, but I’ve no idea why you would have that set up in your own home or office, for this particular site. Unless it’s a remnant of a late night trouble shooting session that you forgot about over time (ask me how I know…).

One really far-fetched idea is that the ISP you use with your smartphone has your old site mirrored and digs tht up instead of what’s currently on your server. but that’s REALLY far-fetched to be honest.


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Thank you for your detailed response I really appreciate it. I think I’ve figured it out! For some reason when I type in the domain name I’m assuming that it’s going to the new site, BUT I had a moment of clarity and I copy pasted the url into a text edit document and there was more to the url after the .com! So I wasn’t looking at the current site but the old site (which I didn’t even realise was still accessible).

Phew! Thank you for your time, sorry to have wasted it!!!
Now to figure out those blasted column widths!


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No problem - I love a good mystery!

Glad you got it solved!


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