Responsive only on iphone, not on android


I’ve built a site using the Split Theme from Yuzoolthemes. This was supposed to be a responsive theme but I discovered yesterday that it is perfectly responsive on Iphone but not on android phones.

This is the site :

Does anyone have a clue how to fix this ?


looks pretty responsive on my Android phone (Huawei P20)

Thanks for checking.
I’ve got a stacks content each time with the winners and their names / medals next to it. On my iphone these medals with their names appear beneath the picture. On two of my friends androids they stay next to the picture hence the names are no longer visible.
I don’t see that on your screenshot. Do you mind scrolling to the first picture ?

This is what I get:

Great, that’s how it should be, I’m going the check the brands of their smartphones and see which phones are concerned …
Thanks for checking Peter !

Remember that smartphones have many screen sizes so to get something looking exactly the same on every one is going to either take a lot of tweaking or turn out to be almost impossible.


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