Mobile website page issue

I am having a weird bug on my site, were the navigation bar is showing at the top on mobile (when it should just be at the bottom), on just this page. So does anyone know how I can fix this?

Is it correct in RW preview? could you post a screen shot so we know what it is supposed to look like?

There are a bunch of errors on the page because you are attempting to load Google fonts from http: instead of https:
also a couple 404’s. Now wether or not that is causing the issue IDK until I can see what it is supposed to look like.

No it is not correct looking in Rapid Weaver it looks the same as it does on a mobile browser.

It is supposed to look like how all of the other pages look in a mobile view, where you do not see the nav. menu at the top but only at the bottom of the pages. It’s supposed to just have a menu button at the top and not all of the page links, that would show up in a full width view.

Here is a screenshot of the homepage where everything looks fine and does not include every page link above the menu button. This is how every page and including the ‘make a payment’ page should look.

I don’t know why there would be a bunch of errors on the page, and I’m not using any Google fonts. The only fonts I would be using are ‘zocial icon’ fonts that are for the social icons that came with the theme.

Did you ever get a chance to read my reply? And can you help with this?

Best way is troubleshoot the page by making a copy, then removing everything from the copy and testing to see if the menu works as it’s supposed to.

If it does, add components back in, one at a time until you find the one that breaks it. Then you’ll know what needs fixing.


I think Rob is right, there are several errors on the page and something is probably breaking the JS.

I would copy the page and remove one element at a time until things start working.

Another method I’ve heard Isaiah suggest is his ‘divide and conquer’.

You copy your page, then delete half of the stacks. If the problem persists, divide the remaining in two and delete one half.
Repeat this until you’ve narrowed down the culprit.

It’s the same idea as Rob and Scott but it might get you there a bit quicker.

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So it looks like the problem comes from the Stripe stack, but I would not know how to fix it. Could it be conflicting with some other stack? And google fonts are (I Think) being used just from my theme, so how could I fix those errors?

I would:
Contact the developer of the stripe stack and explain your findings. You may need to make a simple test page adding only the stripe stack and see if it works alone.

Contact the theme developer and ask about the font errors if there is no control in the UI to turn them off. The issue seems to be the theme is calling a non-secure page to get Google fonts and that is going to cause font issues going forward. Check to see if there is an update to the theme that corrects this.

I wonder if it could be related to the issue seen here: SOLVED - Stripe from Yuzool - changing fonts/colors on page (edit: which requires you to contact Yuzool in any case).

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