Rapidweaver top bar bug?

Currently building a site using version 7, foundation, and site syles. Top bar is working when I choose “custom HTML”. However, the so said easy Rapidweaver Menu is not automatically pulling my pages or anything at all. Top bar is blank except for logo, and title. I think there is a bug within my project because when I started a new project it works fine. Anyone ever had this happen? Is there something I’m missing? If no to the previous 2 questions, what is the code to link my pages using the “Custom HTML”. I was able to use the sample code to get the menu titles in the right hand corner of the page but that is as far as I got.


Makes sure show in nav is checked in page inspector
Did you mess with topbar settings? Font size, color, menu size etc,?
How many top level pages are there?
If you shrink the browser window does the mobile menu show up and list the pages?

Do you have site styles stack on the page?

Are you using the newest version? I had problems with the legacy-version of the TopBar-stack.

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