Modal Dialogue pro not working in Chrome

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I have a pop up using Cos Culture’s Modal Dialogue Pro set to appear 2 seconds after page load. Works fine in Safari, Firefox, Vivaldi on Mac OS X but not Chrome. It previews fine in RW using Chrome but doesn’t work on published site. Also works fine in Chrome for iOS.

Rather than the window popping up, the content is just there on the page - but with not very good layout.

The Cos Culture demo works fine so I’m guessing there may be a theme Javascript issue but any ideas appreciated. Using Michael David’s Affinity theme 1.1.6

Link is - live site so may take the modal pop off soon.

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Hi @manofdogz,
It seems to work OK on my side (Version 66.0.3359.170 (Official Build) (64-bit))


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Thanks Pedro - I think this build .170) is the latest for High Sierra - this works for me also. The latest available version for Sierra is .139 and this seems to be the problem version. I have flagged with the developer. Screengrab below shows how it displays.

The lesson here is that for many developers multi-browser checks have become less critical in recent years with much better consistency being observed. Nevertheless, things do still go wrong - something like this is a real mess and needs to be found!

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