Website not uploading on Chrome or Opera

Greetings! Out of the blue, my Rapidweaver/Foundry website isn’t uploading on Chrome or Opera

If I go to a page on my website in Chrome, it won’t show up…then if I click to refresh the page several times, it does show up. My google console shows that the content is too wide for the page (not the case on any other browser nor when I look at it on different devices within Rapidweaver), the clickable items are too close together (i don’t have clickable items close together) and text is too small to read (its 16px so that isn’t the case either).

Of note, also out of the blue, my Rapidweaver website project switched all the names of each page of the website to end in .html instead of .php…without me doing anything to make this happen. I switched it back and published and it didn’t help. I also redownloaded rapidweaver 8 but that didn’t help. I also contacted my host and they checked everything and said it is a CSS issue. I don’t write any code…I just create using stacks in Rapidweaver and Foundry…so coming here for help.

At a loss to what to do as there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with my Rapidweaver website file, or with Foundary…but about 1/2 of the visitors to my website are now leaving after a few seconds as they can’t access the pages. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Seems to Loads fine for me: Chrome, Opera, Edge (all Chromium Based Browsers).
Other than a 404 on an image:

Hello Doug, Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve had a number of friends check now and also my host, and they tell me different things. Some seem to be able to get on one browser and not another, then others are vice versa. Where I can really see the difference is Google Analytics where an increasing visitors are staying for only a few seconds. My bounce rate is usually around 40% and since this problem began I am up to 88% bounce rate, which never happens. I haven’t been able to pull it up on Chrome once in three days. Any thoughts on how I could find the cause? I’ll see if I can upload a photo of what it looks like

The first image is what it looks like when I first open the page. The second image is after clicking on ‘refresh’ seven times

Just for a test: Coud you delete this from your site (save it before and always duplicate and save your project file first) and republish all?

<script async src=""></script>


Hello Jan,

Thank you for your help. I just tried that and it is still not loading in Chrome without repeatedly refreshing the page

I’m just going to try again after removing all google analytics

Sadly that didn’t work either. Tempted to try deleting my website from my host and republishing from scratch. Just not sure where to go from here.

One more thing to try: Did you enable CONSILIDATE CSS FILES and MINIFY CSS AND JAVASCRIPT in Settings > Advanced?

If not, enable MINIFY and republish all. If this does not work, enable CONSILIDATE, then republish all.

If you do have them enabled, disable COSILIDATE, then republish all. Then disable MINIFY nd republish all…

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Hello Jan, I’ve never worked with advanced settings but I will ‘set to’ and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

It turned out that I did have consolidate and minify enabled. I disabled and republished in the order that you suggested but the problem persists. I did see that under advanced settings the default extension says html and I use php, but doubt that is the problem.

I can’t get it to “fail”.

The screenshots you show are from I have tried and tried on Chrome and Edge and it loads every time (clearing cache in between).
I would suggest instead of “refreshing” you check the console(option+command+j) in the failed state.

Without being able to get a failure its hard to say for sure.

the option+command+j is new for me…thanks! Here are some screen shots for when I did this Each time I refresh it adds or removes highlighted errors

it sounds as if you have already tried republishing all files? I honestly think this is a host issue, but you could try turning off cache-busting links, and republish all files again.

It looks like maybe the HTTP header and the data mismatch. The 206 (Partial Content) on the .css t is probably causing the page to look like a directory listing.

If removing the cache busting link (I don’t think that’s the issue) and republishing all files, doesn’t help, then it’s all hosting company.

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For what it is worth, I can get your site to load fine on Chrome but I get the ‘broken’ version in Firefox (I’m on a Windows machine). I know that doesn’t help troubleshoot but, for me at least, it isn’t tied to chrome

Here are the console errors:

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Thank you everyone for trying. I’ll get in touch with my host again and see if they can help.

I have no idea if this makes any sense…but it’s something I would try in order to further isolate the issue. If you’re able to create a sub domain it might be worth creating one say “” and publishing fresh files to a totally new directory. Then try the sub domain in the browsers at issue. Might give some more insight depending on the results. Good luck.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions, which helped me to feel confident that it was a server issue. I finally migrating my website from TSOHost to a new server and my website now works perfectly! I don’t know what the issue was with TSOHost, but happy to have my website up and running again:)

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