Mode edit and mode preview Doug! I’m always having the same issue. In same page I see the pictures I posted there in mode preview (and in my site) but I don’t see the in mode edit. Which means that I cant edit them. I started to use RW n°3 or 4 this issue happened with the updated to n°8. If I see the pictures in mode preview this means that they are stored somewhere I just need to understand how to see them in mode edit.
I’m using Mac OS Catalina and RW 8.9.1.! The first picture shows the mode edit, the second one the mode preview of the same page.

Schermata 2021-08-21 alle 18.05.49|690x388

I’m assuming that this is a continuation of what you posted back in January?

I don’t know what might be causing your issue.

In the old post you said this was a converted RW6 project correct?

I really never use styled text or the photo album, so my experience with them is limited.
Perhaps if you could provide a URL to the page you have the screenshots above, that might help us figure out what’s going on.

It looks like quite a large project with a lot of pages, my only other suggestion would be to put a copy of the project file out on a shareable cloud service(OneDrive, Sync, Dropbox, etc) and provide a link.

Hi Doug, this is the link to Dropbox. Thanks.

I get a bunch of resources missing when I try to open this project. It likely linked them from stuff on your local HD. I can’t tell what might be from missing resources or something else.

I can tell you a couple of things. You are using an ancient non responsive theme. You also are still using http and not https. looks like you have a certificate. So https should work although you have some mixed content.

I always avoided using styled text and the built-in photo-album plugin, so I’m apparently not going to be much help with what is going on.

If it was my site, I’d rebuild it from the ground up. I would adopt a new responsive theme. I would invest in the stacks plugin and perhaps a nice gallery stack.
Here’s a few to have a look at (there are many more out):

Even if you don’t want to invest any money for Stacks, I’d still would rebuild the site perhaps using Markdown pages instead of the styled text. Without stacks, it limits you to the built-in photo album.

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