Problems with viewing mode

For some reason I cannot properly visualize my rapidweaver projects on preview mode… Im afraid to update my pages because I dont know if what I am seing is what will show… I dont know what is wrong…

Not sure what you mean by “visualize”? What is happening?

What version of RapidWeaver are you using?

What version of macOS are you using?

Ia am using Rapidweaver 8, have been for some time now.
This week I opened a project to update it and for some reason the stacks don’t show properly on the “view” mode. For example, the gallery of images appear all one under the other instead of on a slideshow. The background colour of the blocks does not show.

I have not changed anything and cannot find the solution. I am afraid to update the page because I don’t know if what I am visualising is what will show.

I have tried to update the program and look for updates available, but it is not letting me update. It tells me to put the program on the applications folder, but it already is there. I am lost and need urgent help.

Thank you for your response…



Perhaps some screenshots of what you are looking at would help us understand.

Im using rapidweaver 8

Preview mode on my rapidweaver, the gallery stays are not showing correctly, I see only pictures stacked together, but not on a gallery
Also the background collor on the blocks is not showing on the preview mode

I am using Rapridweaver 8
Mac OS Catalina

The photos you see should be a slide show, but they appear one on top of the other.

Also the logo should be entered and its not.

What theme or framework are you using?

When you say the photo’s should be a slide show, what kind of page are you using?

Do you have a URL to a site we can look at?

Yea maybe just try publishing and look at it there…

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