Theme doesn't support Banner Image
I use Rapidweaver 7 and Foundry and am now trying to update my site, and it’s been several months since I’ve worked on it. I thought I had a banner image on my home page and I want to change that but in the inspector it says that the theme I’ve selected doesn’t support a banner image. I’m not sure how to proceed to edit now.

I’m also considering upgrading to RapidWeaver 8. Any thoughts?

Foundry and Foundation don’t have a theme banner setup…there are lots of stacks options for one.

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You should have a Foundy Banner stack (or one of it’s other banner stacks) on the page in RW. That’s where you will need to make your banner image change, not in the page settings, but the stack settings.

I can’t figure out how to change to stack settings, or how I got into page settings.

There are a lot of ways to get to the stack settings.

  1. Double-click on the stack’s title on the page. It’s likely the “Banner” stack.

  2. Select the stack and click the “i” button in the right-corner.


  1. Click the inspector button in the tool bar.


A stack’s settings are on the last tab of the inspector.


You’ll find the Banner Image setting partway down in the stack settings.


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Thanks! That got me there!

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