More than one blog page in a rw project?

Hi everybody,
a question concerning the blog pages in RW. For my website I use four different blog pages:

The Home is a blog page:

Second page is a blog page: Schneller schwimmen mit Johnny Water

Third page is a blog page: Spielzeug fürs Wasser

And fourth page is a blog page, too: Schwimmkappen ohne Ende.

It’s working, but should I really do that? I don’t know much about building websites and that was the easiest way for me to do it - it was, more or less, a not too serious project. That might change now, that’s why I ask if this is really a proper way to organize a website. Appreciate your thoughts. Best, Martin

Hi @feuerland,

It’s fine to have multiple blog pages in the same project. RapidWeaver is able to keep track of the different blog pages and settings.

Regarding whether that’s the best way to build your website, are there other page types that could achieve what you are wanting without having to use the Blog page type? For example, you want to display some photos. Are you using the Blog page type to do that, or would the Photo Album page type better serve the purpose?

Another point, did you create four blogs to blog about different topics? For example Blog 1 is about music production in Germany. Blog 2 is about music production in the Netherlands. In this example utilizing one blog with different categories and tags organizing the content would probably make more sense than creating two different blog pages. On the other hand, if you have Blog 1 about music production in Germany, and Blog 2 about best Italian restaurants in Germany, that’s an example where two blog pages might make more sense.

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Thanx Dan, got it!

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