Most secure way to save an entire Rapidweaver project

I always save my Rapidweaver files in one folder and then save it and then back it up. But I’m aware that when you create a project you also automatically create files which end up in at least one other place ie. library/application support/rapidweaver…

Should we also manually be taking copies of those files too when we save the job to a disk?
Or is there a better way to ensure that everything gets backed up together?

Hi Gabrielle! I am not sure about those RW files at library but most of the users utilies some sort of variation of 3-2-1 back up strategy. There’s plenty on info around just by googling it, like this 3-2-1 example. Also forum has good discussion on general backing up stratergies. Hope this helps and can always ask more :slight_smile:

Best of my knowledge, nothing is “created” in the library by just creating a RW project. The library which has moved from older releases contains your plugins, themes and stacks.
So the question I would have is what is the reason for this manual backup? If it’s too be able to open and modify a project on a separate machine?
If so you might want to check out this video:
If it’s for backup only then there’s much better methods @TapioMichael points out above.

I save all my RW project in OneDrive folder which get sync to the cloud but I do duplicate the last file saved and create version backup saving the last 5 versions at a time like

This way if I messed up big that I can’t recover it with “undo”, I will just trash it and duplicate last version to start over.

Just a caution (maybe) – a couple of years ago I used to save my RW projects in the Dropbox folder, until two projects got hopelessly mangled while I had them open in RW.

They were big projects (large filesize), and I didn’t realize it was common for large files like those, or graphic/font libraries, etc. to be corrupted that way.

That may not be a concern with current sync services, but I don’t keep any large active files in cloud folders. I do move copies of them into folders for sync/backup.

There is no reason to worry about file size with Dropbox. I know Realmac does not like users to use Dropbox, as it is VERY EASY to corrupt your project file with Dropbox, but if you follow certain rules (read about them here - Storing Rapidweaver sites on Dropbox - #2 by zeebe) then you should not have any issues with Dropbox. I have over 1300 project files on Dropbox at the moment. Most of them small, but there are a few over 100MB and a couple over 500MB and as long as I follow those rules, I have never and will never have an issue.

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I am not worried about cloud syncing corruption since I duplicate my RW file and add a version number on it before working on it.

I never had a corrupted issue working from cloud folders even when I used design websites using Foundation CLI before I switched over to RW but if it does happen to me then I have 5 version of duplicate files to choose from.

Here what my cloud folder look like for one of website that I developed and maintain. Anytime I add wordings in it mean I am experimenting something new on the web page like different logo or navigator menu etc.

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