Several pages under one button

(john springate) #1

Hi! Ive just bought Kiki Pro theme. Im re-building my website with stacks and was hoping that I could put several pages under one navigation button. I have moved the relevant pages into the first page but Im still only seeing the 1st page when I click on it in the navigation bar. Hoping all this makes perfect sense! Am I missing something?

(LJ) #2

what do you mean by ‘several pages under one navigation button’? If you mean ‘sub pages’ then simply drag your sub pages onto the ‘parent’ page in the nav menu on left side of project window

(Michael Frankland) #3

Thanks @Jspringate and @manofdogz is right there for creating sub menus in RW and in this case, Kiki PRO


(john springate) #4

As mentioned in my initial topic Ive done that but when I highlight the main parent page in preview none of the other pages show up under the parent page. Im using Kiki Pro theme and building with stacks

(Stuart) #5

Hi John

Did you see my reply to your support ticket?

What happens when you turn on the sidebar ( left or right)? Those subpages menus should be there.

The menu is not of the ‘drop down’ style. The subnav is in the sidebar…

Let me know.


(john springate) #6

Ive switch the side bar on but all thats happened is that its moved the content of the page over to the right and on the left is just a blank area

(Stuart) #7


I’m just taking a stab in the dark here as obviously I cannot see your project - but is it possible that the menu text/hover color is set the same color as your page background?

What happens when you change the color options in the theme for the sub nav items? Can you see them there in the first bank of color options for the theme?

(john springate) #8

ahh this could be the case! Im away from the computer at the mo I’ll check asap

(john springate) #9

Yes you where right krypton. I do tend to like black. The trouble is having the sub menu where it it screws up my web design. I was hoping like a lot of websites to the sub pages appear under the parent. As illustrated