Mountains theme: Is there a way to get sections full width banded?

I am seeking a solution to get sections of certain pages underlaid with a background that is full width. I download some stacks from Big White Duck in the hope that this would work, but I cannot get it to do this. It may be totally my fault, but maybe it is inherent in the theme I am using.

Thanks for any hints how to achieve it.

Not terribly clear, to me at least, exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Are you looking for a way to have edge to edge full width sections using Stacks pages in the Mountains theme? For example, you’d like to be able to drop a single column stack there and it would be edge to edge? You could then put other stacks into that one and build out a traditional full width section.

Is that correct?


  1. Do you have a published page we can look at?
  2. Presumably you are not using a sidebar on the page, correct?
  3. Have you looked at the theme styles where you can expand the main content to 12 columns and turn the sidebar off. Look at those settings.

Let us know

Thanks for asking.
Here is my site:
I would like to be able to make the background of the section that starts with the first golden header one colour, from side to side (I am not sure how this would work / conflict with the sidebar column?), and the next section with the Leasing header another color.

The Mountains theme allows only background coloring for the text section as such, with a bit of padding.

Mountains, being an RMS built in theme, is very basic. You could switch off the sidebar and ensure the main content area gets all 12 columns then use a combination of single and multi column stacks to create the effect you are after, but you would still need some custom CSS to remove padding on the main content/container to get it to play nicely with your edge to edge requirements.

I strongly suggest that you consider purchasing a professionally designed theme which will (a) make your life a lot easier and (b) improve the aesthetic of your website.

Have a look at Volcano from ThemeFlood. I think it would be a great fit for your content and get you away from things like that floating menu (I don’t like that at all). It would give you a professionally designed blueprint to help you produce something of better quality.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I looked into it and purchased the Volcano theme. Now I am finetuning it.

One small problem I am having: I want the blog entry header (see Tipps page) to have white text all the time. Presently it gets the color of the link or visited link. Any idea, how to achieve that?

Another question: How can I make the tables on the Home page editable? I have installed Armadillo and tried the solo content function. I can create a table, but not the lines between the cells. Can that be done with CSS coding? Or is there another stack I could use?

Thanks in advance.

What a difference! That is MUCH better, hard to believe it is the same company/person/product. Just shows the difference that a professionally designed theme can make.

For the blog page try adding this CSS to the CSS container for that page only: {
    color: white;

.blog-entry-body {
    background-color: rgba(228,228,228,0.5);
    padding: 3rem;

#contentContainer img {
    border: 2px lightgrey solid;

Only the first block pertains to making the blog titles white all the time, the other blocks are just some additional refinements which you may or may not like. Just remove them if the latter.

Regarding the tables on the home page. From what I can see they are Flextable stacks:
Bryn Owen Design FlexTable Stack.

If you mean make then editable in a way that you can change the content of the cells without having to do a republish of the site, then I think you are probably on the right track with using a table from Armadillo as you could then just edit the table inside the solo-content and once you save, you are good to go. Not certain what you mean by lines between the cells? You mean the tables frames and borders?

If you drop an Armadillo table (with cell content) onto the page and let us take a look then maybe we can come up with some CSS to get it looking the way you would like.

PS - Still not crazy about that oversized image of the plant in coins, your site only has a few precious seconds to hook visitors into wanting to read more - don’t make them spend those few seconds scrolling down to get to some hook content. Its too long (IMHO) try to compose that page so that some textual content is visible to reinforce interest.

But its already so much better.

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Hello indridcold,

thanks a lot for the CSS codes. They are working fine, I like what they do!

A table with frames and borders seems not to be possible (at least not for me) by writing into a Armadillo solo content block. I added one at the bottom of the Home page. However, I got a table with frames and border going in the Armadillo blog (“Tipps” page). So, most likely, I will add another blog on the Home page for the client to add entries from time to time.

You are totally right re the banner on the Home page and how to attract people’s attention. I have added a catchphrase over the banner with a Houdini stack (but it is not responsive, which is bad, and behaves strange when loading). We’ll need more work on the Home page’s content. Thanks for the hint.

Thanks again for your kind help.

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