Background color section till the edge of the page?

There is a way to built color background section rectangular or square box like this? ( see my screenshot please )

I need to built a section from edge to edge with different color of the main page background or half black and half white for example ( like screenshot half white and half green ) .

Thank you for your support

This really all depends on the theme you are using. Sections Pro by BWD will do it if the areas of your theme will go Edge to Edge. If your theme does not have edge to edge support, you will have to get one that does. If you want edge to edge all over, you will need a theme like Foundation, Bootsnap, Pure, Freestacks, UI Kit, or Foundry.

Edit - Added UI Kit to the mix of themes.


You say PURE from One Little Designer and FOUNDRY from ELIXIR ?
U know others edge to edge single theme please?
Thank you so much.

Not sure what you are asking here… I listed 5 themes that are all like that, I did miss UI Kit.

If you are asking for non-blank themes, there are a TON of them that have Edge to edge content, but NOT through out the WHOLE theme.

You can also add Joe Workman’s blank theme, BootSnap, Bootstrap & S4S Bank theme. How many do you really need?

Put SectionsPro into any of those and you can create just what you are asking for.