How to select several stacks at once

(Jon Norris) #1

Beginner question - how do you select several stacks at once on a page in order then to make them into a partial group? Tried every combination of keys (except the one you’re going to tell me about…)

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

You could use a 1 column stack, then put all the various stacks inside of it.

(Jon Norris) #3

That’s what I did in the end - but in their manual it just says “To create a partial, select the group of Stacks you want to use and click the Partial button at the top of the Edit view.” as if it could just be done with Command click or Shift click!
Thought I was missing something obvious (again).

(Isaiah Carew) #4

Stacks is hierarchical – you can put one stack inside another.
So a “group” is just a stack that contains a few more stacks.

(Paul Russam) #5

If you want to ‘group’ some stacks together then a good method is to use Joe Workman’s CSSBox stack, it has no overhead or visual effect so it’s very useful as a means of grouping a bunch of stacks tother for copy/pasting etc.
And…its Free!!

(Jon Norris) #6

That’s a useful tool too, thanks.