Embed existing stacks?

(David) #1

I have a page with a series of stacks already existing. Is it possible to embed all of them into a new stack?


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

If you have Stacks 3, you could make them a partial and add them to each page that way. See a video here about partials

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

SWhat about the basic 1 column stack? This is functional like a group.

Cheers, Jannis
inStacks Software

(David) #4

Thanks to Zeebe and Robert. The thing is, I already have pages with lots of stacks. I want to embed them all into one big stack.

(David) #5

OK. I got it… Simply create the “big” stack, then carefully drop the other stacks inside. It would be nice to a multiple selection option…

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

@daviddelmonte Well their suggestions still hold water. Is there something specific about why partials or the magical 1 column stack won’t work for you?

I have a couple of websites where I have a big honking partial that exists on almost every page. The “trick” in my case is making sure my innermost stack itself was a 1 column stack containing no material. That way I can deploy this “meta” stack across all/most pages yet still have very different content as I can simply drag a markdown, text, HTML or other stacks into that 1 column at the innermost level.

(Mathew Mitchell) #7

Not sure what you mean by multiple selection, but you could do the same thing as above, but structure the partial so you are using more than one 1 column stack. It’s the multiple 1 column stacks where you’d drag in unique materials.