Migrate from RW 5 to RW 8

I am in a desperate attempt to try to save my website which I built using RW 5 a few years ago. I recently upgraded to OS 10.15 and realised the RW 5 no longer worked, I have purchased RW 8 and it won’t open the file.

I have moved the files to an older computer running OS 10.11 and install RW 5, would it help to make the transitioning easier?

When I open the website file using RW 5, it said: "The document “xxxxxx” uses a plugin that isn’t currently installed. A placeholder plugin will be used instead. Missing plugins: Stacks.
When do RW stores all the files that I have missed during the move?

I am really hoping I don’t need to build the website from scratch, I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

There’s a help article here that should see you through the upgrade https://help.realmacsoftware.com/en/articles/2201707-upgrading-from-rapidweaver-7-or-earlier

Upgrading from RW5 is covered near the bottom of the article.

Thank you. I opened the file with RW 8, and it said “Project Theme is Missing”. I found some files under Application Support / Rapideaver / Theme Styles. There is “Couture - Home.rwstyle”, “Couture - (mywebsite).rwstyle” and “Couture.rwtheme”.
Are they the right one? If so, how do I get RW 8 to recognise the files?
Thank you so much.

Have you checked to see if there’s an updated version of the theme?

The problem with going from RW5 to RW8 is that many of the plugins/themes/stacks might not be compatible now.

I would make sure that you have the latest versions of everything downloaded and installed. And don’t lose the original RW5 project. Make a backup of it and work from that so you don’t lose the original file if things go wrong with the upgrade.

Ok, I will contact the theme I used is called Couture by Brendan Lee and a stack called TopBox. I will contact them for some information. Is it likely that I will need to pay for a newer version again?
I am also trying to open the file using RW 5 with OS 10.11, it said "The document “xxxxxx” uses a plugin that isn’t currently installed. A placeholder plugin will be used instead. Missing plugins: Stacks.
What should I do?

Have you purchased the Stacks plugin before? If so, which version?

I have two stacks. One is S4S-TopBox4.stack, version is 4.2.0 The other one is S4S-ImageCaption.stack, version is 2.3.8.

There’s the stacks plugin, required to run the stacks you mentioned. It’s confusing, but YourHead makes a plugin(a type of page) that let you build a page with gizmos, also called stacks. The stacks plugin is what the message appears to be about.

Since you were using RW5, you probably are using stacks 3 or maybe even stacks 2.
At the bottom of the stacks 4 YourHead page, there’s a link to the archive and serial number lookup to download the plugin version you need.

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Thank you. I have that Stacks plugin in my computer, I believe it is a Stacks 2.7.

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