Moving from WP to RW

Hi folks! I have a client who wants to move from WP to RW and keep all of their blog posts intact (a few hundred posts, I believe).

What’s the best way to deal with this? Does the WordPress-to-PulseCMS migration tool still exist? (I tried emailing @yuzool about it but he hasn’t replied)

Or is it better to use Yabdab’s WordPress stack and use the stack to just import the blog posts?

I don’t have experience with either of these tools, so I’m wondering if someone who has experience with them can give me some advice.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @garth

The WordPress-to-PulseCMS migration tool has been taken down for a while - it’s hard to make the transition smooth as WP has too many permutations.

If you want, you could try the Pulse blog RSS importer. That works with WP.

But if you are not going to use Pulse on this client project, @yabdab has a WP Stack - why not just use that? I’m not sure if it also migrates the posts but will certainly display WP posts in a RW site.

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My approach would be to keep the WP blog and publish it to a sub domain, with the main website being in Rapidweaver. The only consideration is whether you can make the WP blog look acceptably like the rest of the site.

If you want to see a real life example go to (built in RW) then click on Media>News. The News section is actually a WordPress blog on the sub domain and uses a WP theme which was able to mimic the Rapidweaver layout pretty well. The blog section works the same way and is at

Sub domains are easy to set up, free and don’t use any of the web sites you are allowed to build in your hosting package (if you have any limits set). You can also easily include in google analytics and apply SEO the same as any other page.


Thanks for the replies, guys!

@manofdogz, I don’t think using WP and RW in combination is an option…the client wants it to be completely seamless, but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

@yabdab, does your WP stack import all of the blog posts with images? Is it possible to only import Posts and not Pages?

Not sure what you mean by seamless? In my scenario, you update the WP blog and it’s there on the Rapidweaver site within the main navigation menu. No plug ins to depend on and no potential interface issues either now or down the line.

Keep in mind that stack products do come and go, and maybe for ‘API change’ reasons, sometimes stacks interfacing with other products are deprecated or fail to function fully. Such a scenario would leave you high and dry with hundreds of blogs to deal with. And of course, there is the issue of manually importing hundreds of blogs now. Yabdab’s plug in should show whatever you have currently but you will still need to maintain the WordPress blog going forward and hope that the stacks continue to be updated if/when required.

So your options seem to be:

  1. Use RW blog or Poster Stack. Upside, plays nicely with RW. Downside, manual re-entering of hundreds of old posts required

  2. Use CMS e.g. TotalCMS, Armadilllo, Pulse etc. Upside: plays nicely with RW, Downside: manual re-entering of hundreds of old posts required and still need an external, 3rd party plugin

  3. Use Yabdab WP stacks: Upside, plays nicely with RW and should show whatever WP blogs you have currently. Downside: you have to hope it continues to be supported; you still need to keep the WP blog and, it won’t display anything more complicated than styled text – e.g. no javascript and no external CSS.

  4. WP on a Sub domain: Upside, dependant on nothing more than the existing WP blog. Downside: need to make it look like your RW pages


Thanks so much for the detailed response, LJ!

That’s true…never really thought about the downside of the stack being unsupported in the future…lots to think about.

Really appreciate the advice everyone!

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WP stores everything in the MySQL database. Maybe you want to get into the tables and try to make a dump of the appropriate tables for the posts. Maybe at documentation you find an answer for it.

Thanks for the suggestion, Thorsten…but I don’t think I have the skills to tackle something like that! :slight_smile:

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