Multi column display order in responsive stacks

I am using a standard Stacks3, three column element in a responsive theme (Themeflood Media 6.10). The “feature” column is the center column but on small screens when the columns break to vertical the left column is displayed first. How can I control the display order of columns on mobile layouts?

You will need to use a different responsive column stacks set like Joe’s Responsive Layout stacks to do this.

The online info/demo says so little about the stack! You can confirm that I can configure a full screen 1-2-3 horizontal column layout to 2-1-3 (vertically) when it breaks on a phone/mobile?

I can confirm that this works (just tried it myself). But you have to use two of the 2-column stacks of this set and not one three column stack, which I first tried and which didn’t work. As you can see in my setup, the stacks behave exactly as you need it:


Ingenious! Awesome! Wonderful! Excellent! Matthias… thank you so much! So simple but so ingenious!

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