Multi Language Metatags

(Anugyan) #1

I need a little help with the’how to` for inputting matatags for an english/german website.
Its not the wording, but the structuring and defining the language tags.
Does anyone out there have experience with this?

(Scott Steven) #2

I use Sitemap Pro used to be loghound but how is part of

(Anugyan) #3

Yes Iam using it too, but how to define 2 languages is the question!
I used the RWML stacks to build it all into one site, with one sitemap…

(Scott Steven) #4

Sitemaps are well formed XML files. see this link it may shed some light on the issue.

(Rob D) #5

Hi, @anugyan, RWML stacks do allow to change menu language automatically as well as content language. If I remember well, the RWML generates appropriate meta tags for you.

If you need more detailed information on how to take advantage of it, ask Joost for help.