Multiple language meta tags?

Hi, how can I best add multiple language meta tags to RW?

At the moment I add them into the page HEADER code section like: <meta name=“keywords” lang=“EN” content="performance …

Since the meta tags table only has “name” and “Content” columns I don’t know where to put the “lang” part. Any idea?

Your code isn’t showing.You need to highlight it and select </>. If you are using different languages, it is probably better to give language attributes to specific elements – div, span or what have you.

Not sure why the code didn’t show up:

<meta name="keywords" lang="EN" content="p...

That’s what I directly hack into the HEADER section because I can’t / don’t know where to enter the “lang” reference into the meta tags table(s).

Hi Rob, I have a multi lang site(ENG/DE) and am wondering how to metatag it. How did you proceed? could you give me a little help?

It might be better not to try adding multiple labguage meta tages. See here:

Can’t remember exactly, you can x-check here: and

Just take a look at the source code of the page and you should find it.