What's the best way (and stack) to make a site multi-language?

(Massimo) #1

I rely on those who have experience on multilingual websites. My two questions are:

1) What’s the best way, and best stack, to create a site multi-language?

2) And if I use stacks like “Agent” or “RWML” (or other stacks), that show the contents of the various languages on the same page, how can I do to insert metadata (description, title, keywords) by language on the same RW page?


(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Hi, I tested a few ways. But for me and the smaller sites I create it was every-time much easier just to duplicate the project and replace the text and other info.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

That’s possible with

  1. the localized embed features of Repository Stack. Just add the embedLoc macro in the appropriate field:

  2. Pulse CMS with the same approach:

(Massimo) #4

Thanks, Jannis,
but I still don’t understand well how must I do to add, for example, two meta descriptions on the same page.
What are exactly the steps that I have to follow?

(Will Woodgate) #5

Take a look at the user guide for RWML v2 and read about the RWML Meta stack. That will let you swap meta data / content, based on the users selected language.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

In the case of the products I mentioned, you are just entering e.g. in the meta description field

%embedLoc(meta_description_my_page_name)% or {{sb_localizer:sb_meta_description_my_page_name}}

and the PHP backend will handle the translation for you on the fly.

This is all CMS based, so no need of starting RW when you have to change something in this text.

(Massimo) #7

Thanks, I will take a look.

(Massimo) #8

Thanks, I will take a better look.

(Massimo) #9

@willwood I have a question: the RWML v2 stack is compatible with Easy/Total CMS?
For example, if I put an Easy/Total CMS macro into “Page Description” text area of the “RWML Meta Translation” stack, what happens?

(Will Woodgate) #10

I don’t know. Easy/Total CMS is not sold or developed by me. You can use the free demo version to try it yourself.

(Massimo) #11

Ok. And if it will be compatible could be a plus for RWML so I suggest you insert the compatibility with Easy/Total CMS in the RWML description.

(Will Woodgate) #12

I take on board your comments, however, I typically don’t endorse addons from other developers. RapidWeaver is very much a modular platform. Things are subject to change / updates. Outdated information can become a liability. It can be confusing for users knowing what is included in a purchase or where support boundaries are etc. In my opinion, free demo versions are a sure-way to know what you’re getting and to fully evaluate addons against actual content and other addons you plan to use.

(system) #13

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