Multiple blogs from one website

My Website ist

It is one Rapid Weaver Project.
The news page and the offspring/foals page are Rapid Weaver Blog pages, as well in the german as in the english section of my website.
So i have 4 blog pages in this project.
As the website is done with the theme “Foundation” and Foundation is not supporting the Rapid Weaver blog page (it is based on stacks only), the original blog pages are integrated with the pluskit plugin. They have so many entries since 2004 that i don’t want to change to another blogging system in the moment.

Here’s my English speaking blog

The same blog in French is here

@ARTM Beautiful

Which theme did you use for these?

How did you include the YT videos?

I use Foundation.
The videos: go on Youtube or Vimeo. Click on the video you want to include. Select “Share”. Copy the iframe-code. Paste the code to your blog. Thats it.

@cafra how did you get the image? When I downloaded Foundation and tried it, I got no such options. I don’t see any place to even add a site name, slogan or even a header image. I did not see and use instructions on the page either. Am I missing something?

To use foundation it is recommended to buy at least the “Starter Pack” and if necessary “Add on Pack 1” and “Add on Pack 2”. Otherwise you have to do html-programming by your self :wink:
With foundation you have tons of possibilities, but you need an idea what you want and what your Website should look like.

At foundation’s website take a look at Joe’s video (in the Menu “Learn”) to get an idea how it works.

But as i have the impression, that you are still new to Rapid Weaver (sorry if i am wrong) i recommend to build your first website with a “ready to use” theme.
I did first steps by using the built-in themes of Rapid Weaver, then bought some themes over the years and changed to foundation only a few months ago.

OK. I guess I will be looking for other options. Thanks much for sharing.

I used Flood by Themeflood

The videos are either embedded with the code, or I use a stack.
I found this also, but I haven’t used it

my site is

blog 1 is

b;og 2 is

some content is linked, for example I am guest writer with a blog at Landlordzone so on my blog 2 a few words of the opening paragraph appear on my blog, with a link to the rest of the blog on LZ. D don’t think LZ would regard itself as a social media site but people can leave comments on my blog there.

I am not interested in comments on my own blog so there is no facility for comments.