Multiple blogs from one website

(Lawrence Diggs) #1

Is it possible to to do multiple blogs from one website? There are a number of topics I would like to cover but would like to keep them separate. Fro example, one would be about food and another about art and another about politics etc.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

This is EASILY done with Total CMS by Joe Workman. He will be releasing 1.2 very soon (once the videos are done) and if you want it now, give me a PM and I will get you a link (once you purchase it).

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

Total CMS may be a great solution for you. Another product that will create multiple blogs easily is Armadillo. Both products are made by very good developers. If you are committed to using the built-in blog pages with RW then you may be out of luck.

In general, however, taking advantage of categories or tags can be a great way to collate similar topics within one blog (a category for food, another for art, etc.): so using 1 blog may solve your problems by using categories or tags well.

BTW both Armadillo and Total CMS can be great for single blogs also.

(Lawrence Diggs) #4

I already have Armadillo so I will try with that first. So why wouldn’t this work?

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

??? What’s your question? What’s the image supposed to convey?

(Lawrence Diggs) #6

I have three blog p[ages installed on this test site. If I tried to upload this to a site, what would the problem be? Would there be problems on the back end?

(Mathew Mitchell) #7

No idea. Why don’t you test it out. (Most of us have moved away from the built-in RW blog because it is so limited and inflexible compared to other products. So many people may not remember what it can or can not do!)

(Lawrence Diggs) #8

The idea was to see if anyone else has tried it so I know whether it works, and if not why not. If it works are there downsides? I hope to learn about the application and its limits while building a site and benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

(Jürgen Schulze) #9

It works like a charme.
You can see it here:
The news part is actually a blog wothout comments. If I want to add comments, I need to set that up in disqus.
If you go to my blog, then you see how it looks with disqus comments enabled.
I actually have a site in staging with 1 blog with comments and 8(!) news feeds set up with Armadillo.

Edit: @nimblehost can certainly give u peace of mind

(Lawrence Diggs) #10

When you say “it” did you mean RW’s blog or Armadillo?

(Jürgen Schulze) #11

I was referring to Armadillo


My site is bilingual and has a blog in each language.
They are in separate documents and folders, and they work great.
I can’t see why two blog pages on a single document couldn’t work, but I didn’t try.

(Steve Jenkins) #13 Jonathan has a video explaining multiple blogs with Armadillo. Also, his support documentation is informative. If you have a question he is fast to respond and very helpful.

(Lawrence Diggs) #14

Thanks. I learned a lot from the video but not what I need to know to fix the problems. I emailed Jonathan and am waiting.

(Lawrence Diggs) #15

I think I may not have been clear. I understand that Armadillo 's main value is as a CMS. That must be quite useful to bloggers who are traveling around and want to have access to their blog even if they are not on a computer that they own. I am not aware of any other blogging feature that a CMS has over the blogging plugin that comes with Rapidweaver. Perhaps someone will care to help me see what I am missing with such a limited view.

Perhaps I will change my mind if I can get Armadillo to work on my sight :slight_smile:

(CaFra Arabians) #16

If you want to use the rapid weaver blog in your project, you can use as many blog pages as you want. Every page is on its own and there will be no issue with multiple blog pages.

I am using multiple rapid weaver blog pages on my website for years without problems.

(Gary) #17

No you are not very clear. Armadillo is a superb blog stack that started off with one blog. In the last 12 months it has had many significant updates, but 2 are very significant.

  1. Multiple blogs were added.
  2. A CMS function was added.

Also it is nothing to do with the RW built in blog.


When I said I have two blogs on my site, I mean they are the standard RW blog.
Did you try to do what you intend ? I think it should work out as long as you don’t name them - and their folders - the same !?

(Michael Lever) #19

i have two separate blogs on one site, using RW’s built in blog. No need for third party products. I should think it possible to have more than two. Why don’t you experiment.

Rather than date each blog, I only enter categories which means each blog is automatically indexed abc.

The only advantage that I can see of third party products is to be able to blog to your site from anywhere without necessarily having to add content from one place alone. If that’s of no interest then there’s no real advantage.

(Lawrence Diggs) #21

Thanks @artm, @mog1, @cafra , Really appreciate your input. I am experimenting with this “new for me” approach and feel I can benefit from learning from the experiences and views of others. I hope you and others will share their experiences using the RW plugin whether they are good or bad. The crowd sourcing of this approach could yield some better websites for all and suggest to new additions to the RW crew.

Can you provide a link to your websites?

Can you share any things that you have tried like the use of other plugins or linking?

Have you linked you blog with any social media sites?

Have you found a way to allow feedback or discussion of your blog topics?