Client wants to use WorldPay. Is there a Stack For That?

Hi all,

The client wants to use Worldpay. That’s fine and there choice even though i mentioned that stripe was easier to implement etc etc.

Question is do we know if there is any stacks out there that will support Worldly and it’s checkout functionality?

Thoughts on this would be appreciated.


I believe Mals Ecommerce stack from Yuzool handles Worldpay but I have not used:

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Thanks @manofdogz - yes it does.

Hopefully @Chrisfrench that helps your client project :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes.

So after a lot of conversations and a few extra shots in their coffee they suddenly agreed that they should go Stripe. Which is great for me as the integration is a piece of cake.

However a new problem is reporting what they purchased. It doesn’t feed Stripe any product information just the value of the purchase which is fine but currently all orders are through email notifications. I’ve managed tp get the orders placed directly into a MySQL database and can see data flowing into it. I just need a way of displaying it to the client. As i know diddly squat about MySQL or PHP I’m gonna have to google it the hard way.

Once it’s all up and running i’ll share the link so you can have a look.

The Kuler stacks will do that - - I use them after a login page to display similar data to a client.

Not knowing MySQL etc. It looks as if this is pulling data into the page.

Will this be able to pull in sales figures and details of those sales figures?

I know you may not be a Kuler stack salesman but your help could be really useful?

No - not affiliated, nor on a commission! If you have a database which is being populated properly, then anything in that database can be pulled out by the Kuler stacks and presented on a webpage. On my site people enrol for courses, and then pay via PayPal - all this information is added to a database. Admin people can log in and view that information at any point. From the database table, you choose which fields you want the Kuler stacks to import.

I hope that helps.

Yes it does thanks buddy. I’ll take a look at that stack.

So we decided to use RapidCartPro instead of Mals piece. if you fancied a butchers.

Thank you for all your help guys.