Multiple index files

Despite every possible check, I’m seeing index.html & index.php output on a new Foundation site - I’m sure there is a way of disabling this, but setting default file type to .php has not fixed this.

I have set theme to Foundation btw

Thoughts anyone?

Have you deleted the unwanted version from the server?

If you have both versions on the server, one will need to be removed.

Thanks. Yes, I did that immediately, but every time I update the project another index.html is created.

If there’s nothing that needs php, it might keep publishing just html. I have seen this in one of my projects before.

I just deleted both versions then republished the page.

I presume that you’ve changed the page to index.php in your page settings as well? Updating your default file type to php should work for new pages created in that project, but it won’t change existing ones.


Sometimes it is the most obvious thing that gets overlooked…Thank you Jason. I knew it was something ridiculously easy #eatshumblepie

If I did this for a living, it would be much easier to keep a tab on everything.

Thank you!!

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Have you seen my “Back to the Basics” live stream?

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I will now Joe!!

Does it also tell me how to implement a Total CMS that I purchased but have never managed to get running (on my test subdomain)?? :wink:

Too much time trying to get BWD gradients working :astonished:

Yes. I have videos to help you with Total CMS too! :slight_smile:

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