Multiple RW 6 apps in Containers

Hello there,

I see multiple RW 6 apps in /Users/marcvos/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver

/RapidWeaver 14593/
/RapidWeaver 14765/
/RapidWeaver 14765 1/
/RapidWeaver 14912/
/RapidWeaver 14912 1/

Can I throw these away?

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Yes. Not only can you, but you SHOULD. You should only have one instance of Rapidweaver 6 on your computer at a time.

Well, I SHOULD not but Realmac SHOULD remove these with their updates.

For now, I’ll remove them and see what happens.

@themacguru really? I have 3 instances of RapidWeaver 6 on my machine and 2 instances of RapidWeaver 5 and all works great for me here. I believe Realmac has said as long as you name them differently there isn’t a problem.

I believe, MrMacvos is talking about the contents of his Library rather than many versions of RapidWeaver app…

Please look at the path in my first post…

I’d like an answer from Realmac.

They are failed updates, they weren’t deleted because the update failed to complete and thus the file wasn’t deleted.
You can remove them without any consequence.
If you’re not sure you can move them into a folder on your desktop and run RW to test everything is working.
In earlier versions of RW 6 some users discovered 20/30/40 of them in there.

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Ok, thanks for the info!

And away they are :smile: