Deleting container folders


I have some weird behaviour with some stacks. I have had RW7 now on 8 initially installed from RW web site then via app store.

I have installed some stacks needed for a demo and now some of them appear with no icon and no ability to uninstall them.

Reveal in finder shows different locations.

2 folders in ~/containers/ … com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver

3 folders in ~/Group Containers/ …

RW seems confused as to the location of these files.

I need to know the correct procedure to delete all RapidWeaver files and do a fresh install of RW8 from mac App Store and Stacks.

Bearing in mind i have found a forum entry from 2016 which gives a warning about restarting mac during the uninstall.

thanks for any help.


If that’s the only problem you are having then I think deleteting and reinstalling everything may not be needed.
How did you install the stacks? Try either “dragging” them to the RW8 icon on the dock, or right click on the stack to be installed and select the Open With then choose RW8:


I don’t know anything about the app store version. but RapidWeaver 8 (and Rw 7) allow you to “set” the location of the addons Directory in pwefenences.

Also If you reveal the add ons folder RapidWeaver 8 You will find a directory called stacks. That is where the stacks should be installed.

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Hi Doug

thanks for that.

I re-elected the addons folder and it cleared the issue in RW. Not sure how i originally installed them.

The folders in the group containers still exist but I reckon I’ll just ignore them.

thanks again


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