Multiple sites with redirect vs single site SEO

Hi there, I have two sites with overlapping content, wondering whether to duplicate content, link them to each other, use redirects, combine into a single site - wonder how this will affect SEO.

Specifically: I am starting a new center in Sacramento, CA which offers zen meditation and qigong practice, I have a long-established site ( which mostly deals with qigong, but has a little bit about Zen. I’m constructing a second site for Ordinary Mind Zen ( got some rough edges) which mostly deals with Zen. The two practices will be offered under the rubric of Meadowmont Center (haven’t got a domain name yet).

There will be different groups of people searching for Zen+Sacramento and others searching for Qigong+Sacramento. I want to be able to have both groups find my site(s). I’ve heard Googles you on SEO if you have near-duplicate pages on two sites.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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