Question: Uploading Website to Two Different Servers

I thought I’d read this somewhere that you can upload your Rapidweaver site to two different locations. I’m fleshing out a website for a priest friend who works in a small U.S. waterfront chapel - . I’m wondering if I can upload the site to two different locations at once - and , Godaddy’s forwarding feature for some reason just isn’t forwarding.

Second question: Is it possible to duplicate this site so I can make minor changes and upload to one site … meanwhile having the sanity of knowing I didn’t screw up the original work … on another server. Thanks … Remember, I’m a rapidweaver beginner … That means, I’m bungy jumping, but I haven’t as of yet bought the bungy! :slight_smile:

I publish to two sites although one is just my local test server. It’s just a matter of setting the URL in the publishing definition. The publishing URL will override the default project URL. You can have multiple publishing set ups for any one project. As regards your second question, just duplicate the definitive version of the project in the finder and you can work on them separately but I guess you’ll need to keep them in synch.

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Publishing the same content to multiple domain names can be done, but you’ll probably take a hit for duplicate content with search engines if that matters to you.

Publishing a site to a test domain or subdomain can be done, in fact it’s best practice for testing. In order to avoid the duplicate content problem, you should either put the test area behind a password (safest option) or use the no-index meta tags or a robots.txt file.


Thank you very much Greg !! Much appreciate the ‘Useful’ advice I get on this forum then the admonishment of other ! :slight_smile:

Doug, Didn’t think of the Hit before for duplicate content. thanks … Good tip!

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