Sharing content across multiple RW websites

Hi all. I am building a series of 8 different websites for a client that have different content, except for three pages on each site which covers their company’s history, careers, and locations. Is there a way to set the content of these three pages up and have it load onto the appropriate pages on each site? If not, then I am making changes to these pages 8 times every time the client asks me to make an update. Having one set to update that will update all sites will make things so much easier. Thanks in advance for your help.

The problem is going to be in the navigation. You could keep them on the “master” company site and have links to them from each site(offsite page), but they would leave the site they are on. You could run them as an iFrame page, but that presents all kind of other issues.

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Thanks for the reply, Doug. I had thought about the navigation as well. Each site is for a different market segment they sell in and while they all have the same logo and nav in the header, the drop downs are different for each site. Sounds like I really have no choice but to keep everything separate. Thanks again.

I know @yuzool has a stack that can pull in content from another site. Never used it so don’t know if it can do what you want but perhaps worth a look…

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Thanks, Stuart. I’ll check that out.

Would it work to build those pages using CMS? Then you could edit the master and it would populate throughout the different projects automatically?

Won’t duplicated content, whether it is pulled in from another site or contained on different sites, damage Google’s ranking?

Ive never really understood this. You content is duplicated when you have http and http versions of your site anyway. In google analytics they ask you to include both accounts, so what’s the difference I wonder.

I think you could build the master page(s) using a blank theme like foundation without any nav.

Pull the data into the “live” pages that have their own theme/navigation using iframe code in an html stack.

Side note, look up canonical tag to see how to deal with duplicate content.

I’ve been trying to fix canonical for months but can’t see how to do it. Every time I go into Google Analytics and tell it to choose https I then get a message come up telling me to verify the site (which is already verified) and I can’t get past that message. It’s really annoying. Has anyone else come across this?

Instead of trying to set up canonical in Google put a canonical link in the head section of each page:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Hi Bob,

I’m relatively new to RW but have been doing a few sites with Foundry. The Mega Menu stack in Foundry has an option that the user can set individual links for it’s navigation overriding the RW built in navigation setting.

I’m not sure if this would work for you.
If you have a number of pages that you don’t want to appear in “website 1” but do appear in “website 2” then you could have a separate Mega Menu stack for those pages and still have other pages that each site shares set to display.

So on the common pages the links would all go to the appropriate common pages and on the other 3 pages that aren’t common then those “websites” would have their own individual Mega Menu settings to link own individual relevant pages.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this very well…sorry.

Hope I’m on the right track…I’m not sure if I’ve just made it more confusing.

Let me know…I might have a little play with a draft site and test my theory.

Cheers Scott

Hi Bob,

Just realised this won’t work as I suppose you have different domain names for each website.

So I guess each website will need to be a separate RW project?

Sorry to waste your time on that idea.

Can Partials be used across different projects??

Good luck and I will watch this thread as it is an interesting question you’ve posed.

Cheers Scott

You can drag /copy any page,stack, or partial from one project to another

Hi Scott,

Yes, I was thinking you could do that with Partials but I don’t think that they sync the changes once copied or dragged between projects do they?

Partials only sync if they are in the same project.

I’ll test it.


No, they don’t sync between projects

Thanks guys. I appreciate the time you took to post. Seems I’m just going to have to update and then I’ll drag the pages into the other 7 sites that use the same pages and republish.

Yeah, I had a look and you’re correct, they only sync in the same project.

Shame would be handy if they crossed over between projects.

Could use that feature…hint…hint…RW 8 coming out soon…

Hi Bob,

Do each of the sites have different domain names?

The only other thing I was thinking…if you had a sub-domain for them. ie and then linked to those url’s using Mega Menu in Foundry possibly??

Don’t know…??

Good luck

Cheers Scott

You could setup a Partial in each project using the default 1 column stack as the base container. Then you can put the actual content into that. Update the contents of the partial in one project and then copy/paste that content into the partial(s) in the other projects. That should make it pretty easy to do your updates.

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