Multithemes and Gateway for pop up

(Wendy) #1

I have 3 websites that I am trying to add a ‘cookie/privacy pop up’ with gateway. It doesn’t work with any of these @MultiThemes themes (Flexband/Anima/Shape)
Does anyone else have the same problem…or can offer another solution/stack that would work??

(Will Woodgate) #2

A link would help. None of us can see what is on your computer screen.

(Wendy) #3

Hi Will
I am going to try it again on the live site and see what happens (or not!) then I will put a link here. It’s just when I did just as a demo it wouldn’t show up in preview…think it is a problem with multi themes, although just realised I am having a problem with Shift theme (Weaverthemes) too!..dont think it’s a Gateway problem…it works just fine on my foundry sites. There must be something in the themes that is stopping the load??? But will post a live link when I can later. then maybe someone can tell me why it’s not loading…

(Will Woodgate) #4

There are also settings marked z-index in the stack which may need to be adjusted, if the popup is layering behind other content on the webpage. The higher the z-index value, the further-forward the popup is placed on the page. Otherwise it is very rare for something to conflict with Gateway and actually cause it not to display. There would need to be a major problem with the webpage, for it to not display.

(Wendy) #5

(SOLVED) You beat me to it, was going to post that I realised the stack was being hidden by nav bars and content!! Have altered position on the page and it was visible or partly which gave me the hint!! So will look at the z-index, although don’t honestly understand the x y z thing!!
Thank for your help…

(Will Woodgate) #6

CSS Z-index:

(Wendy) #7

Thanks Will!! Just something else to get my head around…great learning curve this Rapidweaver stuff!

(Michelangelo) #8

HI @pigglypots I’m glad you solved, if you need further help drop me a message to

@willwood thanks!

(Wendy) #9

Hi @MultiThemes, thanks for checking in…yes the gateway stack gets stuck behind the theme content…but as you have seen - sorted (hopefully) but will email if I run into more problems as I use your themes rather a lot.
However, how are we for GDPR compliance within the themes regarding fonts etc?? I don’t understand it but CDN (what is that??)
But still love your stuff

(system) #10

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