My images keep disappearing ! Please help! Going crazy!

(Dave Farrants) #15 - Free - simulates a ISP server, to view your website on your local machine as it would appear online.

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You are a genius. RW has the best Forum. Is because of people like you and Jan that RW is my software of choice to make websites. Very slow connection where I am. I’m downloading RW 8.1 and I will download mamp too. Thank you again!! Glad you are awake!

(Emiliano Achaval) #17

I downloaded RW 8.1. I added pictures to 4 of the pages. I made an extra copy and saved it to an external SanDisk SSD drive. So far pictures are still there. If they still there in the morning, I will continue to add the rest. In RW 8.1 I have the advanced setting “Site Resources” and I can check mark what Jan told me. A big and special Mahalo to Jan and Dave for helping me!!! Aloha from Maui.

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It just happened again!! I was trying to add pictures to a Nick Cates stack, Photos, and I realized all pictures are gone from all my pages. I’m using the Beta version of RW. 8.1 All the pictures are in the Resources folder. I’m about to throw in the towel. So frustrating!!! How can I contact RW direct? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Possible culprit!!
Like I said earlier, It happened again!! Going thru the Forum, I have to mention that I have, and I used it last night: Clean my Mac X Is it possible that if I run that program, while I have RW open, would cause a loss of whatever I loose when the pictures disappear?? Luckily, I remembered I had saved a copy in my SanDisk SSD External USBc 500 Gb drive. Lo & behold! My copy in the SanDisk it’s ok!! Halleluja! I’m so happy I bought the SanDisk! It was on sale at Office Max at Christmas. Until I know for sure what’s going on, or they find a solution, I will be saving a new clean copy in the SanDisk everytime. Aloha from Maui

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Yes. Clean My Mac is evil. You should remove that malware from your system immediately.

Clean My Mac deletes your cache files WHILE THOSE APPS ARE RUNNING.

It goes without saying, but THIS IS COMPLETELY INSANE. And yes… this will absolutely strip all of the images from your Stacks pages.

(Paul Rowe) #21

Is this not another good reason to warehouse such assets ??

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Hello Paul. Could you please tell me what that means. I’m willing to do whatever is needed to keep my hard work safe. I’m assuming that warehousing means storing images externally? I have a Premium Dropbox account, would that work? Is there a program for this? Thanks for the help. Aloha

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I knew it!! Thanks for confirming it. Can you please recommend a program to keep my Mac running smooth and most importantly one that gets rid of unwanted files safely, I only have a 500 gb drive. Is there such a thing? Hope so! Thanks for the help! Aloha from Maui

(Neil Egginton) #24

You could create a folder called “warehouse” or “assets” on your host. Then upload all the images you’d like to display on your website to the folder you created.

You’ll need an image stack to display the images with the RW file. Not all image stacks, but many do, have an option to select the warehoused the images.

There’s a guide that Will Woodgate wrote which you’ll find very useful.

(Paul Rowe) #25


Warehousing assets (images - pdfs - videos etc etc) is the name given to storing those assets on your server and linking to them via the various stacks that you use.

It goes without saying therefore that you should only use stacks that support warehousing.

The beauty is that you have major control over those assets and they are not subject to being sucked into the RW “Big Black Hole”.

You can also perform various SEO functions on those assets.

@PaulRussam alerted me to the huge benefits of warehousing when I first started with RW and I am eternally grateful to him for his advises - particularly when I read the sort of comments that you refer to.

I do not embed any assets inside a RW project - everything is warehoused and in my case at my Chillidog hosting server.

I hope the above helps.


(Doug Bennett) #26

If you’re looking for more information on what’s called warehouse aka remote resources, @willwood has a free book he posted a couple years ago. Although a couple years old everything still applies.

RapidWeaver’s resources used to be very unreliable, so the whole concept of using direct URL’s to link to images(somehow got the name warehoused) became popular.

Part of RapidWeaver 8 was a total rewrite of the recourse management process. I’ve found it to be very stable as long as you ensure the option in the advanced settings are set to make document portable(prior to 8.1) or
Site Resources: Copy into Document(8.1 beta).

Something to keep in mind about “warehoused” resources, you’re using an absolute URL to every resource. If you change the URL (eg. add SSL) you’ll need to change the link addresses for every resource, every single place it’s referenced.

The real culprit in your case was Clean My Mac. Most all of these cleaning utilities cause all kinds of problems and should never be installed.

(Will Woodgate) #27

You don’t need anything of the kind. All these utilities that claim to clean your computer and make it run faster are 100% SCAMS.

There are utilities built into your computer already (by Apple) which silently clean and optimise your computer. That’s precisely the reason why you no longer see options to manually run permission repairs - because the operating system does it all for you.

Software like ‘Clean My Mac’ will always cause more problems, than it solves. I have spent more hours than I care helping RapidWeaver users restore or repair websites that these utilities have completely destroyed.

You should demand a refund for any you have purchased, file chargebacks, report them to PayPal or do whatever else is necessary to help shutdown these evil companies. They have been playing this game for too long. They are laughing at your misfortune and continuing to take your money.

Keeps asking for licence
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Do you have an online store presence anywhere? We were in Hawaii a few years ago (you can read my notes here), and might like to purchase one of your bowls or boxes someday. They’re quite beautiful!

(Isaiah Carew) #29

Clean My Mac is made by the same folks that also do SetApp (which is one of the ways you can buy/use RapidWeaver) and and number of other great Mac utilities. I think it’s the best of the bunch.

But, in general, I recommend… nothing.

I create Stacks (and lots of other software) and have used RW all day long every single day since 2005. And I also only have a 500GB hard drive (it is a very very very fast hard drive though. :wink: And I have a number of backup drives and large Dropbox too)

  • My recommendations (these are aimed at a novice – but not bad things even for pros)
  • Learn to keep track of your new files.
    That includes files that you create and the files you download.
  • Save files to a predictable place.
    Always save to Dropbox your folder or your Documents folder. Whichever you like, just pick one. Then check on the size of that folder occasionally. When it gets too big sort it by size and see what’s eating up your space. Delete it if you need to, or better yet, move it to an external drive.

There is a nice tool visually shows you what’s taking up space: It’s a pretty great and looks cool too.

Notice these solutions rely on you, a human, to do the job of choosing what to get rid of. I think that’s an important component. I personally don’t ever let any tools delete data. Both because I don’t trust robots to do that and there’s almost no reason to delete data.

External hard drives are ridiculously cheap. (here’s a 14TB hard drive for under $700 - That’s ~ 30 full copies of your entire drive. :exploding_head: If you’re going to do anything automated – move (instead of re-move) the data off your small drive to an external, or to Dropbox, or…. whatever.

(Isaiah Carew) #30

I’m glad to see the other developer (@willwood) also chimed in and said the exact same thing. I swear we didn’t plan it. LOL

Really – you don’t need these cleaning tools. They’re just garbage.

(Emiliano Achaval) #31

Thank you for your great and lenghty explanation! I will download @willwood book to learn more about it. I will also delete Clean My Mac X!!

(Emiliano Achaval) #32

Thank you for your help, again! I just downloaded daisydiskapp. I hope I can use it, I’m color blind, and I despise color coded *#it. I will delete cleanmymac. I would be a fool not to follow the advice of two amazingly talented developers, I feel very fortunate to have you and @willwood help me with this. Also, I already have a Seagate 5TB external drive, and the SanDisk 500GB SD for smaller things and for pictures, I’m a woodturning artist and I write for a Brittish magazine… The help you get here is one of the reasons why I love RW!! Happy New Year guys, Aloha from Maui

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Hello Dave! I have a web site that is a constant living organism: I have a smaller better version, but I haven’t uploaded it yet. I kept adding pictures and things, I have consolidated lots of them with a Photo stack by Nic Cates and other stacks… I have purchased CartLoom, but it’s sort of complicated. I post all my work on my Instagram account @nippentowin Emiliano_achaval Everything is for sell… I have my work in a gallery and I sell privately too… Thanks for the compliment!! I’m going to read your blog… Aloha

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