My issue uploading my website to the server

So This is my issue uploading my site to my GoDaddy server. I have added everything
both ip server # my username and password but still gives me; “Your sign-in details are incorrect, please reenter them and try again.”… Am I missing something? i think that’s the only thing i have issue with RapidWeaver, The developers need to find a reputable solution for this. Other than that the Software is great.


Using the info you have…can you login with a ftp client?

I tried that as well… and nothing I tried everything

Instead of starting a new (but same) topic (this is your 3d?), try continuing with the same thread.
That said, I suggested this last time.


yourdomain (where yourdomain is the domain name without the www)

User Name : your FTP id
Password: your FTP id password


Website Address
( or whatever)

If you post your settings, someone may be able to help …
A stray mistyped character entered will cause problems …
You might also try contacting goDaddy and confirming the Path is correct?

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Yea, Sorry about that… But just getting frustrated because am doing all of that even went to change my password with GoDaddy and all, and still nothing,… I dont know what else to do. for the SERVER i even went as far as adding the IP address. I dont know what else I am doing wrong

You have no path listed (or, put differently, the one you have doesn’t seem correct).

For many hosting services the path is:


I have no idea if the same is true with GoDaddy (they are a bit peculiar) but that’s at least one thing that seems off.

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You know what… I got it, the issue I was having was the ftp password… instead I was using the password for godaddy… but my website is up now… thanks guys for all your help.

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