Using GoDaddy with RW

I have a confession. I was a Rapid Weaver fanatic and created multiple sites. I used Little Oak and Flow for my hosting and uploading and all was peachy. After a separation and divorce I lost interest in creating websites but life is back to normal and I want to jump back in. Things have changed a tad with the upgrades, etc. I dropped L.O. for now and have a hosting account with GoDaddy but I am not quite sure how to use GD with RW. If anyone can give me some pointers I would appreciate it. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I use GoDaddy, for publishing settings try this:

Protocol : FTP
Server: FTP.yourdomain (where yourdomain is the domain name, without the www)
User Name : your FTP id
Password : your FTP id password
Path: /

Thank you so much. I will try it out.

And I will have to say that this forum is much slicker to use then in the past. FANCY!

I have been using godaddy for a couple years. It can be painfully slow on the upload but otherwise has been pretty solid.