My Rapidweaver site was hacked

My Rapidweaver site was hacked and redirected to a porn site. There is malicious code embedded in it now and I have no idea how to remove it or even figure out where it is.

They also changed my meta tags so a Google search (miller machine) brings up their description with my url.

Here’s the site.

Any ideas as how to begin to unravel this mess?

Thank you,


I would clear all files from your server and then republish all files from RapidWeaver.

You should also change your passwords to your server.


Thanks Joe! I will do that.

According to Webmaster Tools there was content injection on two pages of my site. One page I’m using Yuzool’s Box stack and on the other I’m using Archetyphon’s Polygrid Theme. Anyway to figure out if they are unprotected and that’s the reason I got hacked?

Thanks again for your time :slightly_smiling:


This wouldn’t be a result of the theme. It’d be something related to the add on on the page. I’d contact the add on developer and see if they can assist.

I should add, this could be the result of a hosting security issue. Some hosts are vulnerable where PHP can access other user accounts. Therefore, someone else’s account could have been hacked and you may have been an innocent victim. Chillidog users aren’t vulnerable here as one users PHP process can not access another users files. This requires more resources on the server but is safer. Some hosts use PHP dso which is faster but less safe. I just buy a bigger server to make up for the slight performance loss :wink:


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@billymiller - just replied to your email at Realmac. Greg and Joe both offer great advice as well.

If you switch hosts (I recommend), seriously consider Chillidog!


Thanks for you reply Greg.

I’m using GoDaddy for my hosting and it is not a PHP dso. I’ll keep looking into it. I did contact the developer of the add on I’m using. And I will certainly keep Chillidog in mind for my hosting in the future :slightly_smiling:


I’ve long used GoDaddy as my host - and have no real issues to speak of. I purchased the add-on package ($2/month) which greatly increased the speed of my site (they offer two levels…each one is $2 per month). That said, I recently created a site for a new client and put it on Chillidog. I could not be happier. The site is fast, secure, and can handle the incredible number of calls that this TCMS site requires with ease (my GoDaddy site runs out of memory…and stalls). Plus, Greg, the owner of Chillidog, is not only very, very familiar with Rapidweaver…but he’s a really great guy who offers fantastic customer support as well. I am very, very happy that my new client is with Chillidog…and am in the process of moving another client to one of his VPS accounts.

I highly recommend Chillidog.