Mysterious horizontal line

(Wayne Dickson) #1

I’m an “advanced intermediate” in respect to computers generally, a newby to RW, and a clueless buffoon when it comes to the most common web-coding languages used today. My relevant software is this:

OS X 10.11.6
RW 7.04
Theme: NimbleHost Glide 3.1.2
Stacks 4.x

A horizontal line @50-100 px or so appears to the right of the three-column stack I’m using — but only in Preview mode or after publication. I can’t see it in Edit mode. I don’t know enough to decipher the underlying code.

Any idea why this mystery line shows up — or, more to the point, how I can get rid of it. If I can, I’ll include a screen capture.



(Menno) #2

It llooks like the top of the sidebar. Usually there is a setting of the theme to show it left or right or to hide it.
Hiding the sidebar could solve your mystery.

(Wayne Dickson) #3


You’ve definitely led me to the culprit (“sidebar header underline”), and to the remedy as well. Many thanks!