Navigation background

(Anne) #1

Hi all,

I’m using endeavor designed by Michael David.
I’m trying to make a navigation background colour. But unfortunately the option ‘Title/Navigation Color/Opacity’ does not work.

What happens:

Does anyone know what to do?


(Rob Beattie) #2

Have you got Opacity off/Color On set in the options by any chance?

(Anne) #3

Yes I do. But even if I choose the option on ‘Dark opacity 90%’ for example, I get no result.

(Oscar Schmid) #4


Try this code in CSS, change the color.
You can also use this code for the color instead of “blue”. rgb(198, 155, 255)

#nwrap { background-color: blue; }

or this

nav { background-color: blue; }

Do you want this?

(Anne) #5


Thank you! This works!
It is nearly what I want.

I would like to show the navigation banner during scrolling only. Like this:
(according to Michael David it should be possible without CSS, but I’m really happy when it works, no matter how ;))

Is it possible to get the bar over the entire length of the page?


(Oscar Schmid) #6


I don’t have the theme, but I can make it on Michael Davids Endeavor website.
I think too, that this must be possible in the settings of the Theme.
Yes, you can have this. Try this code. With this code, the background is always here.
Not as elegant as in MDs page :wink:

header.navbar.navbar-default.navbar-inverse.navbar-fixed-top { background-color: grey; }

(Anne) #7


Thank you! You really helped me!
Even though it’s not the regular way, it succeed.

This is my website:

(Oscar Schmid) #8


…my pleasure, when this works for you.
It looks good, I think.
(… I fixed the link in your last post, because the test file isn’t no longer active, excuse please ;))