Solved :- Voyager Pro, I would like help with a little customisation please?

Hi, i have asked Adam Shiver about this and fair enough, he doesnt do customisation, he suggested i ask on the Forum, so here i am :slight_smile:

I guess only someone with this Theme will be able to help, the css i have created for the “.nav-backdrop” does what i want perfectly, which gives a slightly opaque effect.

whereas above, if i apply the same css to the “.banner_overlay” it does nothing, i can only get a plain colour, i cannot get anything opaque to be displayed. I would really like the Banner Overlay to be Opaque as well if at all possible ?

Furthermore, something else has now cropped up, if i try to Publish this project using RW7, i get this error message

and i havent knowingly “specified to use a banner” ???

any ideas anyone ? please


I don’t have that theme and not at my MAC right now but a URL would help.

From the screen print above you have two colors being applied to two classes. One is a color name blue the other is a full rgba value with a transparent setting of .5. The .banner-overlay is set to a solid.

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Hi @teefers thanks for having a look at my question, i have now applied a Banner via General settings, i can now happily apply an opacity setting to the banner background which is now more or less what i was trying to achieve. there is a URL showing you my progress so far

and this is the CSS now in place in Settings/Code :-
.nav-backdrop {
background-color:rgba(51, 51, 51, 0.6) !important;
.banner_overlay {
background-color:rgba(51, 51, 51, 0.6)!important;