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I’m using RW with Foundry. I need to add links to my navigation, that link to a .pdf instead of a page. Any ideas? I have a blank page to use as a placeholder, but I can’t figure out how to make a sibling that will open a .pdf

An example of what I’m going for is the original site that I’m rewriting: The example is the way the Articles navigation item works.

Any help is appreciated.


I assume that you’re using the standard Navigation Bar stack. Using a stack like Navigation Bar Pro though allows you to manually curate your items, and would allow you to do what you’re looking to do. Have a look at the Navigation Bar Pro’s documentation page and watch through the tutorial videos:

I tried the Nav Bar Pro initially, but couldn’t figure out how to make sub-items so ended up with the plain nav bar that takes the page names, which I don’t like, but at least it worked. I’ve watched the “pro” video and read the documentation I found, but saw nothing about how to do a sub/child navigation item, just dropdown for the toggle. If I can figure this out, I’d like the .pdf to open in a new page also. As always, any assistance is appreciated.

Navigation Bar Pro does not use drop downs for the navigation items. You could achieve that with Mega Menu which is a part of Potion Pack, but I wasn’t sure if you have that add-on or not.

Can I create links on the NavBar (non-pro) that aren’t to a page, but to a .pdf? As stated, I also wanted to open the .pdf in a new page. I’m not sure I like how restrictive this all is. I coded the original site, and it’s frustrating to not be able to just code a link. Thanks for your help.

Just looked at Potion. It sounds like that will give me some other things I’ve been frustrated about not being able to do as well. Thanks.

It is my hope that once I can get the new site published, I’ll be able to turn this into a CMS so we can have a “Members Only” area, etc. Any thoughts on a good “pack” or whatever to do that?

Again… Thank-you so much for your help. I’d be lost without this forum and all of you who have helped me thus far.

You could try using the RapidWeaver Offsite page type.

I don’t use such a tool myself so I can’t give you direct advice, but I know @Mathew or someone else will likely hop in and tell you about SiteLok, which a lot of RapidWeaver users really like.

I’d seen something about SiteLok, but hadn’t taken the time to research it or something I saw called Total CMS yet. I wanted to just get the initial site up first.

Currently we’re using Meetup for scheduling events (online for now) etc., but they have changed to the point where it isn’t working for the club anymore. The club site is probably the only thing I’ll use this for… unless I decide to take tighter control of my own site ( I’d rather be taking photos than posting them… :wink:

Thanks again. I’m not sure what I’d do without the quick and helpful responses of you and everyone who has helped me with this project.

@JoEm It’s unclear to me what you really want. SiteLok is fantastic for creating members only access. I create course websites and use it for every course website I create.

But a CMS is a completely different beast. This is for allowing multiple people to edit portions of a website. So a CMS and SiteLok live in very different universes.

Perhaps if you provided a more detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish in plain words then we can help guide you better to relevant solutions.

As Adam suggested, you can add an “Offsite” page with the full url to the PDF. I just tested and it will display the PDF just fine. I did not see a way to have it open in it’s own window, though.

Sorry, but I’m not sure what “Offsite” is. I have run a search in the Help and it doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Thank-you.

I just purchased Potion but can’t figure out how to install it (sigh).

Thanks again

This is where you’ll find the Offsite page type:

Potion Pack installs the same exact way you installed Foundry:

Instead of Foundry though you’re going to be installing the Potion Pack stacks you received with that purchase.


Try this…Foundry
and on the Color Chart page…@joeworkman pdf embed




The picture of “Palouse at Night” is stunning and my favourite of the site.


My next “phase” is to turn it into a CMS so members can post their entries to the Monthly Challenge in a “Members Only” section. If I can make that work, and add a calendar of events, we can get rid of our Meetup site.


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