Stuck with single page site - Navigation link to page anchors?

(Paul Brown) #1


I’m finding my feet within Rapidweaver and currently working on a first site - a single page site built with Foundry. I can’t see how I can use the navigation to link to page anchors - much like you’d see on any single page website.

Is that doable and if so any ideas would be very welcome!

(NeilUK) #2


It’s always handy to have a link to your site so we can see what’s going on.

In this case, I think you just need to add an “offsite page”, which you’ll find under “all plugins”.

(David) #3

check this post on the Foundry forum. @Beemerang found a nice solution.

(Paul Brown) #4

Hi - thanks for the speedy response. I don’t have anything online at the moment - which I know doesn’t help - but basically I’ve used the nav stack in Foundry which would normally auto link to the individual pages. I ideally want to use the same nav stack but instead of linking to separate pages I want to link to anchor points on the page.

(NeilUK) #5

Hi Paul,

I’ve done the same thing on a Foundry site. I added an offsite page and then just linked to the anchor point further down the page.

It does work, but it goes a bit further down the page than I’d like.

So the offsite page just adds a menu item, which can then be used to link to an external or internal resource.

(Paul Brown) #6

Thanks @NeilUK that’s a very smart way of doing it. I’ll give that a go. Thanks for your help

(Paul Brown) #7

Sorry - a question. I’ve added an ‘About’ page which has added to the navigation and I’ve got an anchor point on the page. How do I now make this work?

Apologies - I’m coming over from Freeway Pro and RW is quite a different animal!


(NeilUK) #8

Have you added a normal page or an offsite page?

Once you’ve added an offsite page, use the “inspector” to set the url.

(Paul Brown) #9

Hi - ah, is an offsite page a stack or can should I find it in RW7?

(NeilUK) #10

Click “add” as if you were going to add a normal page, then under “all plugins”, you’ll find “offsite page”.

(Paul Brown) #11

Hi - great, thanks. Couldn’t see that for looking! Cheers

(Paul Brown) #12

I’ve got the offsite page links working nicely but they’re a little jumpy. Is there a way add a smooth scroll of some kind? I see there are some scroll stacks available but they don’t seem to be linkable through the navigation.

Many thanks

(David) #13

Paul, that is exactly what this approach is supposed to do - smooth scrolling to the anchor.

(Paul Brown) #14

Hi David. I’m running to catch up - coming from Freeway Pro to Rapidweaver. I don’t suppose you have a file with this setup in that I could have a look over and see what’s what do you?

Many thanks, Paul

(David) #15

Ah - i see the dropbox link to the project file in that thread is not working anymore. I will try to send it to you in a PM.


Hi @thang, thanks for the kind words! I updated the post with a working link a day or two ago.


(David) #17

That was nicely done. :+1:

I was just trying to use some 'Scroll To" stacks with your method - that might be also work well, have to play around with a bit more.

Edit: Yeah, the smooth scroll works nicely as well. I have to admit that’s what I thought you were using until I actually opened the project. :slight_smile: