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Using Navigatror theme and love it, but getting comments from PC users of my site ( that the banner pic is way too big and impedes navigation ? It looks fine on my own 27" iMac. Also they comment that the text size is tiny when they view it - looks fine on my own version. Any comments and advice gratefully received. Thanks

Can you give us a link to your website?

A link is definitely needed. But in general how things look on a 27" iMac won’t necessarily travel well to other screens or platforms. Put differently, they may indeed be correct.

Thought I had ?


I tried your web link on both an iPad and MacBook Air. Looked fine on both. This could be a Windows specific issue: but it would be useful for you to know what browser they were using: it could also be browser specific.

I’m not sure what they (users) mean by “impede navigation”. I suppose it’s possible that some folks are not familiar with the “hamburger” icon as holding your navigation links. In that case the problem is more ignorance rather than design.

One of the disadvantages of your navigation system is it requires two clicks (instead of the one needed with a regular nav menu) to get to any of the pages. I don’t think of this as a big issue, but it could be irritating to some.

In the end I don’t have an answer for you. Hopefully someone else can check on Windows. But at least I’ve thrown out some “extra considerations” that may be impacting user experience.


Your site looks perfect. But your banner image is too small for good quality :wink:
432 x 263 is too small for this big banner. But that’s another problem.

For your users the problem is the big banner itself.
Not everybody likes, that always the same picture is on the whole screen … and you must scroll down after every page, when you want read the content.

Perhaps you try reduce the height with this code in CSS. You can hange the values and …use choose another image, dimension 1200 x 400 perhaps.

#banner_image { height: 400px; }

Hi @yonnykins, I have an older XP computer at work here (with a smallish screen) and I don’t have the issues your fellow PC users. I would agree with Oscar that the header could be larger (in order to make the resolution sharper) but I like big headers, so I didn’t find the size of it to be distracting. EDIT: I mean the image should be larger (for better resolution), the header/container can stay the same. Hope that makes sense.

It may be useful to have the large banner on the homepage, and a scaled down banner on interior pages. Just a thought…

Regarding the text, it doesn’t show up too small for me, though it does seem like the sections have different sizes or fonts (see attached image) on some of the pages. Just as a tidying up activity, making them uniform would help pretty it up a bit. It isn’t unreadable or anything though.

On a side note, Leo is a pretty cute little dude! Best of luck and best of health to him.

I agree with @jabostick
He can say it better than me, I am Swiss German

Hi Oscar

You helped me out recently with

I am getting a number of queries from mobile phone users who are unable to purchase tickets thru their phones on a PayLoom page I have set up.

I am processing cart purchases from other sources fine .
I wonder if I could ask you to t advise me what I am doing wrong. People are getting very frustrated with me.

Many thanks Yvonne

PS Maybe I should set up a new request on the forum ?

Hi Yvonne

I do not know what you’re doing wrong, but on the iPhone the button “View Cart” don’t work and the button “Cart” is not visible. So we cannot checkout with PayPal.
Unfortunately I can not really help.

It’s better if you open a new thread for this.

Thank you Oscar. I’ve done that and will await any responses. Thanks again.