Neat Theme from WeaverThemes - Help with Coding

Hi there. I purchased the new “Neat” theme from WeaverThemes and love some of their coding. However, I’m having trouble using some of the coding (either directly or as an @import(()) into my website. Take a look at the site below. (this is not a working site. Just a work in progress). On the home page, you will see a section that does not display properly. It’s titled “Features at a Glance”. This is on the ‘home page’.

However, if you go to the page titled “Features”, you will see this same EXACT code displaced in perfect form. It’s the same title: “Features at a Glance”.

When I display the code on a page that uses the “NEAT” theme (shown on the page “Features”, then it displays properly; however, when i use the same code on a another page (theme Aptenon), it doesn’t work.

QUESTION: Why does the code not work on my home page? Is there something I can do to make it display properly? Is there something contained in the “NEAT” theme that makes the code work that is not present in the “Aptenon” theme package?

Any expert guidance would be very much appreciated!


Link not working :slight_smile:

Sorry. I had the wrong link. Corrected now. Thx.