Themes are not appearing on page

Hi, I have just signed up for Rapid Weaver and am still finding my feet. Does anyone know why I cannot select a theme and have it show up on my new page/site. I have followed the instructions given on the tutorial video for setting up a 3 page site in five minutes very carefully, but cannot activate any of the themes. I realise this may be something simple I am failing to do, but I cannot figure out what. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand your question. To select a theme you goto the upper left part of the screen and push the theme button. A window will open along the bottom showing themes. Just click and it should apply after asking to confirm.

Push the theme button again and it will close the theme window.

I have done that and all the themes are appearing underneath the blank page, but when I click on any of the themes nothing happens. The video tutorial implies that that clicking/selecting a theme should move it onto the page, but so far this has not happened.

Themes are not moved to a page but are applied to the content of the page. If you have a blank page you won’t see anything happen. Add some content and also try the preview button to see how themes will look.

I might be stating the obvious, and you might have already done so, but just incase - have you clicked on “Preview” after applying the theme? You won’t see anything change on the page in Edit mode after applying a theme to blank page.

Thanks to you both. I figured it should be something simple. I did check the preview but clearly the lack of prior content is the issue. Many thanks.

I should have mentioned the need for some content on the page to see the applied theme. Glad it helped though and now you’re up an running. :sunglasses:

All good now. Thanks again.

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