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(William Walker) #1

I’m at my wits end with trying to make a small round button for use on my website. I can’t use a button that allows you to type text into it because I would have to create unusually wide buttons to accommodate several words. I can only find Stacks that allow me to create Button’s of this nature.

Can someone recommend a Stack that will allow me to create a small Button, say a quarter inch round or larger (Bullet size and larger) and then simply embed a link into it without having to type text? Nothing fancy needed. Just a basic, round Button that may have a Hover action upon clicking.

(scott williams) #2

If you are using Foundation…Here ya go:

If not check out:

(William Walker) #3

Scott. Demo’d Big White Duck. Can’t create a Circle button. No demo for Sweet Button but I have watched the demo video and it seems as though you can only round the edges of a rectangle. I really need a true Button in the form of a Circle for my site. I used to be able to easily find such Buttons for Windows software many years ago before I switched to Mac and specifically RW. But now I can’t find such a Button maker.

I may be able to get by with a small square Button that is perhaps 25 square pixels or a little less. But Pill shaped, oval or rectangle is not going to work for the site I am building. Completely round or possibly a square and they need to be small due to the large number of links on some pages.

(scott williams) #4

You can definitely do it with buttonplus2

You could always just use an image and add a link (and even css for button states if you throw it in a css box)

(chuck berhain) #5

Why not

Just use another drawing program to draw the button?
Then use that image?

(Paul Dennison) #6

Try these settings
image image
Worked for me in preview

(William Walker) #7

Thanks for the additional ideas. Will try Buttonplus2 next and see what I can create.

BTW. Just dug up a old Rage Software button maker circa 2007. Somehow I saved it all these years even though I had forgotten about it. No question I can create the kind of Button I need with that. Looks like I can find a Hover Effect Stack for RW that will allow me to use that program for a round button too.

Chuck. Will look into your idea as well.

(Joe Martin) #8

I just did a sample…see if this would work for you…
I used Foundation, Ivy 2, Grummage 2 Col and ButtonPlus2
You just said you needed lots of links…

(Matthias Ficht) #9

What about this stack…?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #10

This should also work:

(William Walker) #11

Image Wizard is perfect for what I am trying to accomplish now that I found the Rage Button Maker still somehow works with my new 2018 Mini. Can’t believe software that is 12 years old still fully functions on the new OS.

Have a slightly different issue now that I need to address. I need to put the Buttons to the left side of the page. Using the Media Theme by Will Woodgate for this project. I then need to type in the description of the link to the right of the Button. I can’t seem to get Image Wizard to work if I use a Floating Image and Text Stack. It will work if I use Columns but then the Button is far to the left to the text.

How can I get the Button to the left of the Text to the right and not have several inches of space between the Button and Text?

(Matthias Ficht) #12

Easy to do with the “SmartColumns2 Stacks” by Maratha:
Or with the " BluePrint SideBar" stack which comes with the “Blueprint” stack:
Simply set the left column/sidebar to a fixed pixel width (the width of the button) and you’re good to go…

(William Walker) #13

Thanks for the suggestions. I finally was able to do exactly what I needed for this site.

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