Buttons for Rapid Weaver 6

For the life of me I can’t seem to find one single Add On that will allow me to create a round Button that I can use as a link to a site while the text sits next to the Button. I have found squares, rectangles, squares and rectangles with rounded edges but NOTHING that is round.

Any ideas as to where I can find a Add On that will create a round Button for RW 6?

You could maybe use something like Imagewizard. Drop a graphic of a button into that and set it to scale on hover to give visitors a visual clue. Then link to the image and put your text next to it.


Some square buttons with adjustable rounded corners can be morphed into circles – simply by increasing the radius of all corners.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into these and see if any of these will work. To date, the best I can do is something that looks like a oblong box with rounded edges. Essentially a rectangle with rounded edges.

Why not just make one with your graphics program and just add a link to it?

Don’t have a graphics program so to speak. May have to start looking for one now. I was able to do this kind of thing with Windows but I could not stand using Windows because the OS is too susceptible to viruses, malware etc.

Can’t even make circles with any of the Add On’s I’ve found for RW.

do you have an example of what you want? is it only 1 button? I’ll make one for you
DO you want something like this?

And this little stack makes nice circular images. http://demo.instacks.com/remoteimagestack/

robbeattie. Thanks. Will give this a look.