Need a Solution for 1000's of Groups on a Map

One of my sites needs to offer a list of groups across the country and globe that can be input and then, preferably, shown on a map.

There would be thousands of groups, so input would need to be easy. It would be extremely helpful to have them on a map like Google maps overlays.

Is there a RW solution for this, or can someone point me in a possible direction to solve this? This would be the first time I have done anything like this.


Btw, I usually design in Foundation and have used the Total CMS blog frequently. I am not sure if there is a solution from this in some way.

Points 2 from Joe Workman and HotSpotsPro from Will Woodgate might be useful.

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I don’t think you want to have 1000’s of points done manually with a stack based solution, even as Points 2 is a great product.

Have a look at There you are able to build maps of your choice. These can be incorporated into RW easily with

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NeilUK, I had looked at Points 2 and HotSpotPro but I don’t think they scale well for thousands of points. They are both great stacks though.

Jannis, I did look at Open Street Maps a little while ago (fantastic idea for RW!). I don’t remember seeing Mapbox, but looked into it to see if it might work. I think it would probably do the job, but I may overrun the free version quickly and the next step up is expensive for this site. I am keeping the Open Street Maps stack in mind for another project I may be doing shortly.

I think I may just go with a Google Maps overlay. I found out I can import a spreadsheet into the overlay and that may be the best approach as I had thought I needed to type into Google Maps directly.

I really appreciate the help on this though. Hopefully Google Maps works for what I need.

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Good luck! Also check the Google Maps business licensing terms, it’s not free by default.

Thanks for that Jannis. I did not realize that and have not looked into it at all. It may change how I need to approach this completely.