Need help - FileSafe not publishing

I’ve read instructions, watch the Vimeo, search forum and although it looks simple enough, I can’t get FileSafe to publish. It looks perfect in the preview of RW, but it will not publish. I am using audio files which I was told by Nimblehost would work. I have even tried a pdf. Still didn’t publish. (It publishes fine when I take the Filesafe stacks out.) I’ve shutdown, rebooted,… nothing. I’m sure it’s a setting I am overlooking.
I have screenshots here:
My file link is here:
The RW file link produced by Filesafe is:

I think I figured out what happened! I logged into my host’s cpanel to see what I could find. To my surprise I found both index.html and index.php files! Why would adding a stack do this? How do I get it back to index.html? Or, should I just do a 301 redirect? Why???!!! And why was I not told this would happen? I have spent a good 8 hours trying to figure this out!

Some stacks require php and RW never deletes files from your host only adds them.

A 301 is the way to go if you have links out there to the full url including /index.html.
If not, like a home page where it’s just a folder name then just delete the .html and go on. Either way a 301 certinally wont hurt