Publishing Issues RW 8.7

My multipage site is published without a problem except for one page. The website continues to maintain an older version and will not replace it with the updated one. The page, titled Main, contains Joe Workman’s Page Safe and is linked-to from the Home page. I changed Main by removing Page Safe but can not get the updated Main to replace the original. I have tried publish page and Re-publish All Files to no effect.
A separate (I think) issue is that Page Safe, when active, seems to be generating an Xfinity content blocker - To test this out is why I have tried to remove it.
Any suggestions re: either issue would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried emptying your browser cache or looking at the page in a different browser?

A link to your page would help the folks here help you out.

Check that you don’t have two pages. index.html and index.php (or whatever you have named the page)

Some pages require php and will therefore create a new page. If you are looking at index.html and the new page is index.php then you won’t see the changes. Try typing the address in manually and see if you can see the new page.

What is the URL of the page?

I have emptied my browser cache and used a different browser. Also looked for two copies of the ‘Main’ page. Actually, could not find any ‘Main’ pages.

An update on my problem description: ONLY the ‘Home’ page has been updating. Here is the URL to the site:

I really appreciate your taking the time to look at this.

No one can get past the homepage as you have it password protected with pagesafe.

If you have added pagesafe to your other pages they probably got change from index.html to index.php. So I’m guessing that you published them prior to adding pagesafe and you still have an index.html version out on the sever.

Check with a FTP apple the hosting companies file manager. If you find both delete the HTML version.

Page Safe is only on the ‘Main’ page. There is no Index file in the folder that Main is in. I don’t know how to recreate an Index file and get it in there. It seems like I need to go the Server people to do this?

Do you have a link that we can get to of a page that isn’t being updated that DOESN’T use a password on it?

We can’t help much if we can’t get to the page(s) in question.

No one asked you to create or place anything, any place. My suggestion was for you to check (FTP app or File manager) and see if you have duplicate index pages.

The start of my problems began when I received a message that I had both a html and a php index files. I did go to the server and started deleting and I obviously screwed-up by deleting more then I should have. Don’t know now what to do. I have no idea how to get to one of the other pages or what their URL would be.

I don;t know what is on the site. Do you warehouse images? Do you have any CMS’s or other data that is entered online? Is everything on the site from the RapidWeaver project?

If everything is from the RW project, you could just delete everything and select republish all files.

Yes. Everything is from RW. I do warehouse images so I don’t think I could delete everything and start from scratch. Although my images are in file directories that are organized together so I could delete some folders. What do you advise.

without knowing what is on the server, it’s hard for me to advise blindly. You said you warehoused images but you know what directory they are in, so we know not to delete that one. Are you using anyflate file CMS’s? Those can be tricky as you have to know where they store the data.

  • I’d start by backing-up everything on the server (with an FTP app or some hosts offer a backup in their control panel).

  • Once you have everything backed up then I would start deleteing stuff. Start with directories(Folders) from the RW project file. If you find some stuff that you don’t know about ask.

  • Once everthing is cleaned out then do a republish all files.

No CMS. This will take me awhile; I will let you know the results later.
Thank You!

I took your advice and deleted everything and re-published all files. That did not initially solve the problems. I had a button linking to the page with the Page Safe on it. For reason yet unknown the transfer (from Home to Main) would not work. So, finally I deleted my Home page and promoted the Main page to Home page using the “Set as Home Page” . I mention this because RW named the new Home page: “Index.Php”. This generated a 403 Forbidden error message. Greg at Chillingdog identified the problem and changed Php to php and now everything works.

I have to mention that Greg has a great deal of patience and an excellent bedside manner for people like me (novices). Also, a great big THANK YOU Doug for your key advice.