Not Publishing RIght

Can you help me get back on track…I typed something incorrectly trying to name my pages on the inspector side; folder and filename box, the index.html and php. I don’t know what I did wrong but now several of my pages will not publish, I have like many pages (church website) they are all like in separate folders now in FileZilla.

Is there a very cool theme that will work for a church website that allows video streaming, audio excerpts, donation area, sign in, show video sermons, things like that??


Have you renamed files from .html to .php?

If so you have to manually delete the old index.html file from your server (RW will not delete files only upload new/changed files). This is because your web hosting will give priority to the index.html file over index.php, and it’s likely that the legacy index.html file is referring to other old files/folder resources that are changed/inaccessible.

However If you have made changes and they work ok in RW preview or browser preview it may be easier to delete all files on your server and upload the new changed site to your freshly wiped server. DO MAKE A BACKUP of the file on your server just in case.

As for your other question, nothing I know of as the sort of functionality you require would need many different specialist stacks but with a lot of effort and purchasing various stacks it might well be possible.

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Does publishing not complete? Do you get an error message when you publish? If so, please post it.

If it publishes without error and it’s just that you’re not seeing your changes, then please post a link to your site and an explanation of what we should be seeing. A screenshot of a page from RW preview would work for that.

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